Align coordinates of kinect and camera COMP for nice camera movements

Hi !

I’m working on kinect v2 data.
I want to make camera movements inside the pointclouds i generated from the depth images.
When I make simple animations of translations and rotations, it seems that the axis of the kinect are not aligned with the ones of the camera.
It makes it difficult to make intuitive camera movements.

Do you know how I can solve this issue ?

Many thanks.

When you use camera with kinect, you have to change tz to 0, ry to 180 and also move the standard light because you are perfectly against it…

Hi and thanks Jacques for the answer.

Should i put these values in the Xform of the camera or the Pre-Xform ?
Also, do you think the pivot parameter could help ? Especially to turn around a character inside the pointcloud ?

What do you mean with the standard light ?

Thanks again.

I doesnt understand what is your goal… Which kind of movement do you want to obtain? For xhich purpose (mapping? subjective camera?).
It could be informative to have a capture, a picture or a drawing of your project.

Attached is a screenshot of the kinect studio with my kinect stream running.
It is a scene with people dancing :).

What I want is to animate a moving subjective camera.
For example, I want the camera to turn around the first character dancing.

When I animate the tx, ty and tz of a camera in TD, the movements are not aligned with the real world axis.
It seems that I have to align the kinect coordinates frame with a world frame, with z=0 being the ground for example.

Any idea on how to solve this ?

Have you solved your problem, I have the same needs as you

If I’m understanding this correctly, you’ll need to align your kinect to the TD world. So align the floor of the kinect exactly with the floor of your TD world using the translate / rotation values on your geo, then your camera movements will make more sense.

Does that help?