Aligning CamSchnapper Output to Window Output?

When I open the output for CamSchnappr it is perfectly aligned with my box in the room but when I simply render it and output it through a window it is always shifted down and to the left. I have checked that my Geometry is not translated at all. Could somebody please help me understand how to ensure that they are both properly aligned?

For some reason I can’t attach my file due to be a new user sadly, so any advice would be appreciated.


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Hi @jplocher,

could you post a picture of your Window COMP parameters or attach the file as a dropbox link?
Also of interest would be your computer setup: OS, main screen resolution, projector resolution…


Here is the file as well as some videos displaying the behavior.

I’m working on Windows 10, Main screen resolution was 1980 x 1020 but I switched it to 1280 x 800, projector resolution is at 1280 x 800.


Hey @jplocher,

the only immediate thing I can see is that the resolution of the Render TOP is set to 1280x853
Or is this just from testing?


That was just from testing around sorry I forgot to change it back. I have just been going at these resolution settings for many hours and finally something just clicked and it is now working like a charm. I honestly have no clue what did the trick but I uploaded a new video and the file with the term “Working” at the end of it if you’re able to help me discern what the difference between the two truly is.

Thanks for the help!