Allied Vision USB 3 camera

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We bougth an Allied Vision USB camera ( Alvium 1800U 158c )

In the wiki (
it says that “USB3 Cameras include models from Allied Vision

I may be missing something, but it’s not recognized in the video device TOP.

I’d love to be wrong, but if not, this should be removed from the wiki.

So I decided to try a workaround.
I’ve managed to adapt the python example from allied vision and control the camera inside TD, but it go through openCV to write images on the SSD disk.

Using this technique it seems very difficult to access the maximum FPS (150 fps for this camera)…

As anyone got experience or feedback ?

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Just to verify, you are changing the library to the Allied Vision one, right?

Hello Malcolm,

Thanks for your interest in the topic,

Yes I did try, the video device In TOP have an Allied Vision(GigE) library, but it doesn’t do anything, the camera seems to be unknown…

I’m using their module called vimba, the python version. It’s well made and documented, I’m running it inside TD using multithreading.

AFAIK TD supports only the gige cameras from allied vision. I did stumble upon this problem myself a while back.
I did end up writing my own cpp TOP to solve this issue.
Will post it here ASAP.

Thanks you, I would appreciate it.
I’m curious about your solution and especialy the framerate you achieved in TD.

As our project goes we are looking for other solutions, but at least there is a post about this camera model now :slight_smile:

Theoretically you can achieve max framerate of your camera as long as long as your computer is fast enough, maybe you will need to untick the realtime flag of TD editor.
All the camera settings should be done with the vimba viewer my code can only open close and reset the camera.

Here is the source code: (27.0 KB)
and a compiled version with test toe file: (630.5 KB)


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Thank you for the files, I will look for it.
Have a great day Itay,