Alligning of children within container not working as expected

Not exactly sure how to ask this question, so thanks for the assistance.
Attempting to align objects(buttons) from parent container and setting align from child tab of container causes the objects to appear outside the fixed bounds of the container.

I have 15 buttons that i would like to align with even spacing in rows of 5, but enabling grid rows disables the max per line field. What was can i get around this?

I usually try to align my children in the network to some structure that i can then use a nodeX or nodeY expression in their Align Order parameter found on the Layout page of the children. To do what you’re trying to do you can set the parent container align mode to Left to Right and then set max per row to 5. I’m attaching a tox, you’ll see I have the buttons’ align order set to “-me.nodeY” so that they order as they descend in their network Y location. me.digits would work in this simple case as well. The parent spacing parameter will give you nice even spacing between the rows and columns.

buttonAlign.tox (1.5 KB)