Allow Viewer Interaction

Hi there!
I am having problems when on perform viewer I am not able to interact with my bottuns or fields.
Why is that ?
how can I fix ?

There’s a good chance that you have another container or panel that when in perform mode, is “over” or above the layer you’re trying to interact with. often when testing in the network editor, you are interacting directly with a buttons viewer, but when in perform mode, you have to consider the stacking order of all panels everywhere.

try going into your network editor, and start at the very top level, and turn your viewer on, and see if you can interact with your problem UI.

If you cannot, which I’d suspect, then drill down another layer, and try again, keep going until you can again interact with that button.

Once you find that place in your network, you can examine other panels in the layer above, turn some off, and trouble shoot which one is covering it up.

This all assumes of course that you aren’t having some other issue, so if you don’t have any luck with this approach, try posting the part of your network that is causing problems if possible, and someone might be able to help further!