Alphapix 4 Artnet DMX Controller

I have this 4 output pixel controller kit:

I have the board’s static IP set to 192.168.0.* + a subnet mask of with a direct ethernet connection to my desktop. I’ve set that ethernet network port’s IP to the 192.168.0.* range, ensuring it’s different from the board with a subnet mask of as well. Tried a variety of address combinations to ensure it wasn’t conflicting with other devices.

I’m attempting to send an RGB signal to one pixel in the first universe through the DMX Out CHOP. Everything is set to Art-Net, net 0, subnet 0, universe 1. The board runs its internal test patterns on the LED strip I have without issue, so my communication is the problem. I’ve seen other Touch users communicate with this board over Art-Net. If any one has experience with this kit, or general DMX setup advice, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

sometimes manufacturers start at universe 1, some at 0. Also ping the controller to check if the connection is actually establihed.

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