Alternatives to absTime.seconds

I’m driving the rotation of geometry using absTime.seconds*multiplicationValue in the Rotation parameter.

The multiplicationValue is in turn controlled via a slider.

The problem is the resulting change in rotation speed is not smooth at all. There are jumps and stutters instead of a smooth change.

Pretty sure my logic is wrong. What are some alternatives to absTime.seconds when you need to smoothly change either a Translation or Rotation value?

absTime, as far as I know, is absolutely as smooth as it gets. Sounds like the slider may be the culprit for the jumps and stutters. You might try adding a filter or lag chop after the slider, to give you a smoother multiplicationValue input.

I think you’re always going to get stutters this way because absTime is an increasing value, multiplying it is going to jump all over for something like rotation. You’re better off using a speed CHOP and multiplying the input speed channel by your mult value if you want something to smoothly speed up or slow down its constant rotation. Is that what you’re trying to do?


Yep thanks. Constant CHOP to Math(Multiply)CHOP to Speed CHOP to Lag CHOP does the trick.