AMD vs NVIDIA in TouchDesigner

hi there
i guess it’s too soon to know but here are 3 questions about the new AMD hardware as for TD

1: will TouchDesigner benefit from the new AMD-R9-5900x cpu’s ability to access AMD-RX6000XT gpu’s memory with SMART ACCESS MEMORY when converting TOPs to CHOPS and CHOPS to TOPS ?

2: how does AMD’s RX6000XT gpu cards compare to NVIDIA 3080/3090 card as for TouchDesiger ?

3: does TouchDesigner benefit of Nvidia’s RTX or AMD’s RT raytracing tech in any way ?

  1. No idea as these cards aren’t available yet. But if this helps the cards run faster in general, then it will help. By the way, those operations are a factor faster on Quadro Nvidia GPUs compared to Geforce GPU, it’s something workstation cards for content creation address specifically. I wonder if AMD will have a workstation lineup later as well.
  2. Speeds aside, which we can’t comment on, the main this is there is a substantial list of features that are supported on Nvidia GPUs only, sometimes due to TouchDesigner’s support of Nvidia hardware encode/decode and other times due to CUDA or Nvidia specific SDKs like Flex and Flow. For the full list of Nvidia only features refer to
    Its safe to say, if you want access to all TouchDesigner features, get Nvidia for now.
  3. No, not supported yet.