Analyze TOP request

It would be super useful if you could connect an INFO CHOP to the ANALYZE TOP and get the x,y of the pixel as well as the RGB or luminance value.

The X and Y values would only apply in MINIMUM and MAXIMUM modes.

I know there would be cases where the MAX or MIN value would happen on multiple pixels, but there are a few ways that could be handled:

  1. Just use the X, Y of whatever the last MIN/MAX pixel tested was (this would be fine for me)

  2. Create a bounding box that contains all the pixels equal to the MAX (or MIN), then return the corners of the box, and/or the center of it.

If these values were available the ANALYZE TOP would be a useful tool in vision systems and could replace blob tracker in many cases.



Nice suggestion. I’m not sure of the limitations involved but it would be handy indeed.

Just giving this feature request a bump.

I find myself looking at the same problem again, considering writing a compute shader, but it sure would be handy to get pixel coordinates from Analyze TOP!

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