Animated FBX export from C4D and import to touchdesigner

Hello fellows,
i try to bake and export an fbx with animation in geometry to touchdesigner. the fbx is catching all the animation but touchdesigner doesnt read it. right now the experiemental build is installed on my maschine. i was working with animated fbx from a different source (mixamo), it was working fine. but with my exports it doesnt. any tips or helping posts?

Is it just the animation that’s not coming in correctly? Does everything else work fine? Could you share the FBX file? (1.6 MB)
Hey Eric,
i uploaded the zip, two examples with pla file. Yep just the animation does not work. I will try different export options, i believe its c4d doing it wrong. (1.3 MB)
hey @eric.b it was working with a alembic file, but would love to let a fbx run.

The issue is with the vertex cache channel type. Currently we only accept the DoubleVectorArray channel type, whereas your animation is exported as a FloatVectorArray. I’ll change it to also accept FloatVectorArray but as a workaround in the meantime you can change the vertex cache channel type to a DoubleVectorArray, if that’s available through c4d export.

ok cool thanks, i thought about this. looks like the c4d exporter doesnt look at this topic!