Animating sops (circles, spheres) with noise-sop. BUT NOT LINES?

I am trying to animate some sops points with a sop-noise.
This works in circles, spheres, grids and boxes.
But it does not work in lines?
I have created a toe, but don’t know how to upload it here.
I just want to make a line reacting to the noise like all the other sops.
Can anyone help me?

Make sure your line has enough points for the noise to affect. Look at the number of points parameter on your line SOP.

And make sure the line has normals

thanks for the quick responses.
I tried this. A lot of points in the line SOP.
But how do I make sure the line has normals?
Got it into a point SOP. and added some normals there.
Is there a more elegant way, since it does not exactly what I want.
Markus - Knoedel

Point sop is a good way. The noiseSOP will displace point along the normals, so if you set the normals to 0,1,0 it will move points up

you can display point normals in the SOP viewer. See Normals - Derivative

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