Animation comp: add channel names and values from a constant chop?

Hello dear touchdesigners,

I’m trying to record the channels from osc-in and then feed them to animation comp – so I can adjust the values there. At the moment I stuck in a few places at the same time

  • not sure how can save my osc channels and their change over time… trying Record and Trail and Lookup chops but yet unsuccessfully

  • I want to be able to populate the channels in the Animation Comp with the channels that I recorded. Ideally with their change over time.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

you can indeed use a Record CHOP (try the different record and record output options to see what you need) or Trail CHOP (lock it when done) to record your recorded animation channels. Use a Trim CHOP to cutoff unwanted parts. Playback using a Lookup CHOP,
(see examples for Lookup CHOP in Help-Operator Snippets )

The Animation COMP does not have an import feature like you describe.

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