Antivirus recommandations for compliancy with TD?

Hi there,
just got my windows machine.
Never touch a windows system since 10 years.
Any recommandations for antivirus/security stuff, knowing this machine is dedicated to TD in my setup and I’m afraid of cpu hogging and other issues that I could have with TD ?

I’ll need my computer to be connected a bit to internet (and to networks, too) even if it will be dedicated and even if I WON’T install anything except TD, max, some text editors, some photoshops and very work dedicated stuff only.

Thanks in advance.

My advice is to only use the already included Microsoft Defender (it comes with every windows install) . In my experience all other so called ‘anti-virus’ programs are a total cpu hog and will spam you endlessly with scary popup-notifications on your machine to try to convince you to buy more of their product - in some way they are the virus.


Yeah, Microsoft Defender is the only one I use on any systems. Of course to keep up your protection you do need to let it get Windows Updates, and this can be tricky for permanent installation work as you might get Windows installing an update at odd times or changing settings on you.

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@ben, @nettoyeur, thanks a lot.
let’s go like this.