Any techniques/tutorials for dome projection with multiple projectors?

I have to make a permanent installation of dome projection with 3 projectors. Are there any tutorials for dome projection with TD using multiple projectors?

Thank You

I don’t know of any tutorials but I have done it using TD for content but DataPath X4 and Christie Mystique software and projectors for warping blending. Are you generally familiar with projection mapping, warping and blending or totally new to this? Start by looking under Pallette/Derivative/Mapping and check out examples and wiki.

I can try to help a bit on the projection side if needed but am still learning TD myself so have not done complex warping and blending myself on a dome with just TD. Markus Heckmann is pretty expert in all this…

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Hey @arunrajan,

have a look at this excellent workshop from our last summit in Montreal:

Michael McKellar gives a great overview of his technique.

Hope this helps