Any way to pause the playback of A componet

I want to pause some components but not the main timeline. Any idea. Thanks

TouchDesigner is a pull-based system, most nodes only cook when something is requesting their output. So if you use a Switch/Select TOP/CHOP/DAT to not request any output of that component, the nodes in that component won’t cook.
Some useful reading: What causes cooking

Thanks nettoyeur it sounds very easy

You can also add a Component Time to a component. This can be added in the right click menu in the components network background. This gives you an independent timeline for that COMP that can be paused/played.

hey folks (especially @malcolm),

Is it possible to control a nested independent timeline based on CHOP data?

I have a component timeline being used to sync audio and midi and drive a bunch of timing information. I have made a very simple UI element to play/pause/reset an audio file, which I’d like to map to the timeline instead. But I cannot seem to find how to reset the nested timeline any way other than the actual touch designer timeline interface.

What are the limitations of working with timelines in this way, and how would one go about setting this up… ideally without programming it in python.

Thanks in advance!

I found this link that answers the question well enough :

Still hoping there’s a way to do this with CHOPS…