Anybody using the new M1 16 inch MBP with TD? VJing with multiple 4k scenes

I’m an engineer and have grown to become super accustomed to Macs for my development environment. However, when using TouchDesigner, I’m starting to run into major bottlenecks despite using an EGPU. When using TD, I’m rendering multiple 4k videos and blending between them with Switch/Cross TOPs while having Ableton also running. I’ll have >10 scenes as TOPs loaded and blend them using a MIDI controller. Not sure if TD optimizes this for Macs, as in, not sure if it’s actually attempting to load all of these scenes optimistically or lazily or doing any other optimizations. With this setup, I’m typically dropping a ton of frames with my EGPU (Radeon RX 5700 XT).

Anybody have any experience using the new Macbook Pro Max 16 Inch with Touchdesigner? How was that? Does TD take advantage of the GPU well enough? Should I just shell out for a second windows computer at this point?

I’ll likely be speccing the Mac to the max with 32 Core GPUs, 64 GB RAM for my day engineering job.

Use Dialogs → Performance Monitor to see what is actually cooking when you switch scenes.