APC 40 MKII can send to TD, but midiout is broken

Hey so I’m using an APC, and I’ve managed to get all the inputs and everything to work perfectly. I can control Ableton through TD and couldn’t be happier.

Only problem is that no matter what project I put it in, or how I set things up, my midiout nodes always say

“Warning: Could not open the MIDI interface: APC40 mkII /local/midi/userdevices/template…”

I’ve looked into a bunch of similar questions and didn’t find any answers that worked.

My APC40MK2 works fine both input and output. Just now tried it in the latest stable (25380) and experimental (41040) builds…

Is Ableton monopolizing the MIDI output? Did you define an “Out Device” as well as an In Device in TouchDesigner’s MIDI Mapper dialog (alt-d)? If you can’t find other people with the same problem it’s more often (but not always) a very simple answer, so double check the simple things.

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That was exactly my thinking that it’s gotta be some problem I’m missing on my end. Luckily you pointed it out with the Ableton idea. Didn’t realize I had Ableton open in the BG the entire time I was testing.

Totally makes sense cause BOTH the Touchdesigner and APC were connected to Ableton. I found that whichever program is opened first gets the output control. Interesting that both can receive input, but only one is allowed to output. Wonder why that is?

Anyway, I just disabled the APC in Ableton and no more problems, so thanks so much for the answer. I was struggling with this for at least 2 hrs yesterday.