Apple Macbook Air M3 - anyone using one for TD?

I’m considering getting a Macbook Air M3 (not just for TD) and I’m curious to know if anyone else out there is using one for casual/intermediate TD use?

Saw this great video by Elburz at The Interactive and Immersive HQ about the Macbook Air M2 and I’m wondering if people are having any success running stuff on the M3 version?

The reason I’m considering a Macbook Air rather than a Macbook Pro is mainly because of the form factor (and the cheaper price!). A smaller/lighter laptop for use on the go. I already have access to a decent powered iMac (albeit 10 years old, but it doesn’t really struggle with TD) and I have a couple of Mac Studios at work so I’m not short of Mac grunt if I needed it. I’d really like a laptop I can consider a sort of ‘sketchpad’ to use when travelling, sitting on the sofa etc. However I don’t want to be running into frame rate issues when the Air starts to thermal throttle.

I mainly work with TOPs and CHOPs at the moment but would love to experiment more with particle systems, SOPs, instancing etc.

I am aware that for a similar price tag I could pick up a decent Windows laptop, but I’m fully into the Apple eco system with everything else I do professionally so I’m going to stick with it for now. Maybe if my TD work progresses I’ll get a Windows system as I’m aware of how many more features are available.

Any insights people can offer will be massively appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Do NOT get a Mac, you will not have access to NVIDIA operators.