Arduino joystick to TD

Hi everyone,

I am working with the Arduino joystick to TouchDesigner and have managed to send the data into TD using the Serial Dat. Right now I’m getting 3 values which are all listed in one row. “X:512,Y:678,Button:1”

I want to send these 3 values into their own respective CHOPs so I can then export the CHOP data into the visual effect parameters I will subsequently create. Ultimately I want to be able to move the arduino joystick and modify a parameter in TD. For now, I feel like I need to parse these 3 values somehow.

Would anyone have any technique for how to do this? Much appreciated

Thank you


Hi @phattie_j,

one thing first: please be careful with the Mouse Out as that operator does what it says: it controls your mouse…

it looks like you got pretty far already, so what is left to do is to either send the data in a way that it can be converted to 3 different columns of a DAT as that would be necessary to convert it to CHOPs. For example instead of

x = 1, y = 5: button=1

if you send it as a comma separated list:


you could select the second row from the Serial DAT and split the message into separate cells using a Convert DAT.
Now having 3 columns, this can be converted to a CHOP via the DAT To CHOP and setting the “Output” parameter to Channel per Column and the “First Column is” parameter to Values.

Another option could be to use the Serial DAT’s callback to fill the parameters of a Constant CHOP with the received values or, if you like that option more, fill a Table DAT’s row with the values.

Could you possibly also make use of firmata? There is a component in Palette>Tools…


Hi @snaut,

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and to help. Indeed! I actually found a tutorial that did just what you said and figured it out, then tried to delete the post but couldn’t ^^

I used the serial dat to select to convert, then converted into CHOPs exactly as you said. I also had to modify the Arduino code a little bit to set the button’s value to default at 0 so I could create a toggle switch from the button (still kind of clunky).

But overall the setup is working great! thanks a lot


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