Are there plans for Logger UI?

please may I ask whether there plans to provide some UI for new logger component in the future? By UI I mean some place where user could inspect logs (possibly with some nice log coloring), filter them based on different criteria and search for specific text. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @monty_python

No plans of such a UI at the moment, but perhaps in the future as a side project.

The main UI we were thinking about was to see all loggers being used in a project and handling hierarchy but thatโ€™s about it.

When it comes to reading logs, using tail -f via command line should already give you a satisfying experience, or even just opening the log files in VSCode.


EDIT: Moved the thread to RFEs.

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Thanks for info. Sure, opening the file somewhere else is definitely an option.

However it might be nicer to have this available directly under one roof (with some nice controls). This would surely take some time to get right, so I was a bit hesitant to dive into itโ€ฆ I will try to look into it once I have some free time. :slight_smile: