Arrangement question

I have a question about my project
I would like to use about 20 videos and arrange the video like bubbles shapes.
In more detail, each video shape is a circle. I would like to arrange the circular shape videos in irregular locations. (so about 20 videos to one video)

If it is possible, could you guys teach me how to do it, please?

The shape is like the below picture,


Welcome to the forum @jungyoon87

One way to tackle your problem is with instancing. There are a lot of good tutorials you can follow on that subject.

You’ll probably want to use a technique that uses instance textures - this doesn’t work on all video cards, I know for sure that it works on NVidia GPUs.

A little bit of searching here and on the web should get you there in no time.

Some links you might find useful as you get started:

thanks you so much
I will visit the links and try it!