Art-Net DAT not showing ArtPollReply from custom device


I am testing my custom Art-Net receiver against Touch Designer, using version 099 2021.15240 on Windows 10. The DMX Out CHOP is working fine, but I am unable to get my Art-Net receiver to show up in the Art-NET DAT table. The goal would be to automatically configure the DMX Out CHOP’s Network Address to use the discovered Art-Net output’s unicast IP address.

Using wireshark, I can see that TD sends an ArtPoll packet, and my device sends an ArtPollReply. The poll reply looks fine in wireshark, but why does it not show up in the Art-Net DAT table viewer?

TD screenshot:

The forum does not allow me to attach the wireshark screenshots/pcaps as a new user…

– Tero M

Wireshark screenshot showing ArtNet ArtPoll/ArtPollReply:

I am unable to attach the wireshark pcap file as a new forum user.

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bumping. This deserves some love. Also, why does TD Artnet polling not even see TD Art-Net nodes?