Art-net for ESP32 board

Hi everyone,

I’m totaly new to touchdesigner and i have some questions regarding light installations. For a few weeks now I have been trying to figure out what the cheapest way is to use touchdesigner as a software to control an LEDstrip. I have been informed that using an ESP32 board and connecting it over Art-net would be the best option. But my problem is that I have zero experience with coding and I cant really seem to understand how I am supposed to setup the art-net on the board.
Is there anybody with some experience or is there a website or forum where they explain it in a way that a totally inexperienced person can understand.

Thank you in advance,

use wled.

I can’t remember if you have to pre-prep the esp32, the 8266 should install right from the website. if it doesn’t you need to install the drivers for the serial chip. CP210x USB to UART drivers I think.

you’ll also have to set a static IP and router IP on the wled settings, make sure that its in the same range as your router and computer.