Art piece for gallery

16x9 format
kinect or webcam sensor
TD Player

I have created an art piece like running water that animates with kinect or a WebCam

I have to package everything for their our gallery in order to sell it and I’m wondering which is the best said to do it

is there a touch designer Kate Armoni door or is it already made that I come by and just upload the toichdesigner player file.?

i’m trying to avoid having to install at the clients house a monitor a computer keyboard etc

in case there is none what would you recommend for this type of art pieces ?


looks like you are using a translator so i have no idea what you are saying.

But for installs, it’s best to sell the entire hardware so that you can set everything up how you want it. I configure the computer to auto-boot if anything goes wrong and only launch the touch instance. I have a script to keep the apps running or reboot.
You can also turn off a lot of the UI and launch directly into perform mode.

You can not export a touch project in any way. You need to install Touchdesigner and add a key for any computer to run a project.

thanks for your reply. I knew that, I was asking if there was a kit hardware package already built for to put a touchdesigner inside. Like a computer box with minimum requirements for this type of artworks that I can just buy and sell with my art.

There are more thoughtful ways of expressing this. Such as: “I think you’re asking for… is that correct?”

Re: computers, no there aren’t really any “turn key” TouchDesigner computers ready to go. You end up buying a normal computer and install TouchDesigner on it.

Are you feeling OK? whats your problem man?. I was asking a question, no need to tell me how I should say what or whatever. chill out. RELAX AND ENJOY TOUCHDESIGNER

I think he was talking about me not you. You didn’t do anything wrong.