Artifacts with movie file out TOP

heyo, so im using a webrender and video device in as my video sources, the webrender is coming from, and when i “export” my video via the movie file out TOP via h264, yuv 4:4:4 (8-bit), 32bit RGBA, i get intermittent artifacts on separate feeds, sometimes on the video device in and sometimes on the webrender (and sometimes both).

I can confirm that this is happening within Touch and seems to be directly related to the movie file out TOP, as I am also recording a backup via (which is a mirror of my movie file out as an ndi out top that is going to via ndi webcam).

here are some side by side frames.
i know this is a bit of a genral topic, but i really want to be able to rely on touch for this and feel like there shouldnt be artifacts when exporting video, and narrowing it down in this fashion i hope is helpful.

any insight or settings to try would be super grateful,.

To try to narrow this down, can you also try the H265 encoder, and possibly something else such as MPEG4 Part 2, just to see if anything else exhibits the issue?

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so yeah it definatly seems to be a encoder issue.
im not seeing the artifacts with h265.