Attribute Promote

This is another one stolen from Houdini land. This lets you promote attributes between different types of geo.

At the moment, it’s fairly limited, and only lets you promote color from points to primitives. Also, all the primitives are assumed to be connected to 4 vertices.

It runs through glsl, so it should be pretty speedy.
Attribute_Promote-v1.tox (3.31 KB)

I need a Vertex attribute changed into a Point attribute - is there a way to do it?

here my experiments @bradonwebb - only way seems to be script SOP

vertexAttributes-to-pointAttributes.1.toe (6.6 KB)

YES more script SOP please. too bad about the cook dependency. we desperately need more tools to deal with SOPs in TouchDesigner. Most of the time my concern is not that its GPU accelerated but because I just need to prep some geometry one time in a single cook. Would be great to see more of the functionality from simple vex in houdini in the script sop.