Attribute Transfer

Here is an early making an Attribute Transfer SOP. For those that aren’t familiar with Houdini, this lets you transfer an attribute from one sop to another based on distance.

In this limited example, this is hard coded to color transfer, although you can adjust the distance threshold, as well as a blend distance.

At it’s base, this works by way of a glsl shader, so the input geometry can’t have more than 32,768 points, although my guess is it would start slowing down long before you got there.

The geometry that you want to copy attributes to can have a fairly large point count, although the geometry that you are copying attributes from will slow things down if it has too many points.

Plug the geo that you are copying TO into the first input, and the geo that you are copying FROM into the second input.


Update 1/14/19
This now works with custom attributes, as long as they are float, vec2, vec3, or vec4

Update 3/29/20
This wasn’t working in newer versions of Touch. It’s been updated to work again.


Attribute_Transfer.tox (3.9 KB)