Attributes are not created correctly on custom C++ SOP if a camera is at the same level

I acounter a strange bug when i try to do a C++ Sop.
If there is a camera at the same level that i create the custom Sop the attributes of the sop are not created correctly on the node.
Node attributes are created correctly

Node attributes are not created

I manage to reproduce the problem with the SimpleShapes C++ sop example that ship with touchdesigner.
I just had to change these lines in the FillSOPPluginInfo function to reproduce the error.

// This SOP works with 0 or 1 inputs
info->customOPInfo.minInputs = 1;
info->customOPInfo.maxInputs = 1;

We have the problem on Mac and on Windows with touch 2022.26590 and 2021.16960.

Please find attached to this ticket the compiled plugin (27.7 KB)

Hey @Tyrell

Thanks for the report.

I’ve logged an issue for a developer to look into it and get back to you.