Audio Analysis Extended - optimizations

Maybe a little late to the game, but I have extended the AudioAnalysis Tool from the Palette and added the following to customize it for my personal workflow:

  • a Normalization that trails the incoming High - Mid - Low data and maps it in the range between 0 and 1
  • Lag CHOP’s instead of Filter CHOP’s for more control over the overall Attack and Decay of the High - Mid -Low output
  • an overall audio speed value measured by the Fast Spectral Density
  • a Thresholds page for dialling in the various Trail CHOP’s Window lengths for snappier smsd, fmsd, Spectral Centroid and the various rhythm detection analysis. Here I also parked the audio speed analysis multiplication
  • a Filtering page where you can dial in the High Pass, Band Pass and Low Pass Filter frequencies. I have also added a Filter Select Toggle to switch between the three different filter types to output them for audible monitoring
  • an Execute DAT that resets the various Spectral Density data on Startup

Here you can download it for testing and messing around:
AudioAnalysis_Extended.tox (146.2 KB)

Be aware: I did not battle test this yet, and I can imagine that especially dialing in very short Window Length’s for the Trail CHOP’s will be heavy on the CPU at some point, but for me this is a quite suitable extension for the audioAnalysis module :slight_smile:

Very nice, I played with it a bit today. Moved it over to our Techniques category as well (links back to OP)

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