Audio Analysis Module: Spectral Centroid


I can’t for the life of me get any meaningful output from the “spectral centroid” parameter of the audioAnalysis module. It’s meant to represent the average frequency (to simplify), but seems super slooooow / out of phase with what’s going on in the sound. All the other low/mid/his parameters are plenty snappy.

I have replicated this on a very simple setup: fileIn >audioAnalysis

I am really bummed because this seems like such an interesting way to get more from music than just volume.

Would love to get some pointers, in case I’m missing something.

To try it out for yourself, simply use fileIn and the audioAnalysis module, and any sound that has some clear pitch shifting.

I don’t know much about it as Matthew Ragan had implemented that I think. But there are two Trail CHOPs in there to get a longer trending of whatever it’s measuring, so you may be able to make them shorter like 1 second each and see the value changes more rapidly.

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YES, that was it! Thank you so much!