Audio File In CHOP Not Working

Not sure if this is a bug or user error, but I’ve been working on a large project and had no issues up until a few minutes ago with the audio file in CHOP. I can go into a new network and make a new file in CHOP, but not sure what happened here.

Screenshot 2021-03-18 134022

Does it work with the default file when you create the new Audio File In CHOP? If so it points to a problem with your file or path.

Also I see an expression on your Reload parameter, are you sure the ‘Reload’ isn’t constantly “On”? That would not let the file load.

The thing is that I’ve been using this audio file the entire day without changing it. The reload is only set to be triggered when I press a key.

Without your .toe file I can’t say. But that reload is suspect :thinking:

@ben is there anyway to send the .toe privately (it’s a large project I don’t want just out there)? I would be surprised if it was the reload only because it was working and I didn’t change anything about the parameter linkage.

Yes, please sent to our support email, or you can pm it to me.

You were right, problem not related to Reload, and I was right, not related to Audio In CHOP. I love it when everyone is right! :slight_smile:

The problem is that your timeline’s RStart is set to 3620, which is way past the REnd of the timeline and not a valid range. The thing that tipped me off is I saw the playbar in the timeline moving backwards.
The timeline shouldn’t allow for this, but for now just setting the range correctly sorts everything out.


Very interesting, I didn’t even touch the timeline settings. Just for my own knowledge, is there some other way that could’ve been affected? Thanks again for looking at it!

No, nothing I can think of unless you scripted it. Perhaps it was an accidental drag when moving the mouse, I’ve actually never seen this happen before!