Audio File In cue control

I have different Audio File In TOPs in my project that need to play simultaniously, because they are separate tracks from the same Song. It is working but i am searching for a way to to fast-forward all audio files at the same time to search for certain parts of the song. Right now, if i want to hear a certain part, i have to wait for it to loop and play until the part is coming.
So my question is, how can i set the Cue of different AudioFileIn operators at once? I already tried to connect the Cue Point with a slider, but that doesn’t work. You see that in the Screenshot.

So that’s interesting, just tested your cue method and it doesn’t seem to update the cuepoint parameter until you pulse the cue parameter. Perhaps a bug? I’m on build 2020.20625.

So it technically would work when you pulse the cue par on all the audiofilein’s but I’d recommend setting the cue point to % since the slider defaults to a range of 0 to 1.

The way I do it though, is by setting the audiofile’s playmode par to locked to timeline (and also setting the start and end of the timeline to match the length of your audio files). Then you can bounce around the timeline and use the range start and range ends (RStart and REnd on the timeline) to select the working area you want.

You can also set the playmode to specify index and then build a chop system to drive the index of all the audiofile’s at once. This is a bit more annoying to set up but if the timeline solution isn’t flexible enough, it’s what I end up doing.

Hi, first of all, thanks for the quick reply!
So, i am on Build 2020.28110, and it’s also not working when setting the pulse to 1 ( i already tried that) and setting the cue point to %.
But the solution with setting the file to locked to timeline and then just matching the end of the timeline with the length of the track is a perfect solution for what i want, now i can just click on the timeline to get where i want, i already tried that in the beginning, but back then i didn’t know i had to set the playmode to locked to timeline.
Thank you very much!

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No problem! Just submitted a bug report on it

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