Audio file out record - bad on perform mode

hi everyone;

i am running TD commercial on macos catalina and am with a problem to record an audio input. the system is very simples, being: audio device in > null > audio file out and creating an UI with a record toggle that triggers the record of audio file out.

when the toogle is on in the edit mode of TD it is working fine to record. it creates the file and is working fine. but, when I switch to perform mode that doesnt work. or the file isnt created or the file is always with 1 second with no audio.

did anyone had that happening?
any help is welcomed!

here is the .toe file sound_Rec.toe (7.3 KB)

best :slight_smile:

when i do it with movie file out and put the chop on the recording audio area, it is working normally. but, as I need fast performance for later improvements, I would prefer to record the audio with audio file out, and not movie file out.

Thanks for this report and example file, we will look into it. Are you using latest build 2020.25380?

hi, ben
yes, it is the latest build