Audio Filter CHOP incorrect filter desc in docs

I noticed the docs for the band pass filter in the Audio Spectrum CHOP are incorrect. The docs say “All frequencies between the Low and High Cutoff are passed through” implying there are two separate params for the high & low points. Instead, the params are labeled “Filter cutoff” and I believe the “Roll-off” param determines the width of the filter.

I’m not sure what the best implementation actually should be - from the discord it was suggested that a band pass shouldn’t actually be a hard cut anywhere and instead should act as implemented, meaning the docs should be updated. However, potentially this is an RFE for another impl which acts as described in the docs.

FWIW, my use-case is using some contact mics for touch detection, so my DSP is about filtering about background noise rather than processing the audio in a way that “sounds right” to the ear.

It’s not inacurate description just a bit vague. I would suggest looking into the audio para eq CHOP. It’s got more flexibility in terms of band width. Alternatively you can simply put a low-pass and highpass filter in series to achieve the functionality you described.