Audio filter questions

The documentation for the filter types of the Audio Filter CHOP talks about a High and Low Cutoff, but there’s just one “Filter Cutoff” value to control on this node. I don’t know how to define a band pass region with just one cutoff. … ilter_CHOP

Also, I’m not sure what the second input does. Hovering over the inlet it says “Cutoff Modulation Channels”, but this isn’t documented in the wiki.

Yeah, the oversight on the band-pass is unfortunate. Right now the Filter Cutoff Freq is just the center frequency and the Roll-off goes out from there in each direction, so not a useful band-pass. In our todo list!

The second input is the Modulation Channels, which allows the filter parameters to be changed within the CHOP’s time slice interval (typically 1/60 sec). This prevents audible stepping of the parameters that you are changing quickly.
You can send in a channel called frequency to override the value of the parameter. You would do this if you want to adjust the center frequency very quickly. The parameter can only change as fast as the timeline rate, typically 1/60 seconds. Changed quickly, the stepping in frequency is noticable. To improve on that, you would send a frequency channel in that is at a higher sample rate, like 400, which you can set in a CHOP like an LFO CHOP.

Great, thanks for the reply Ben!

May I ask, when this Band Pass filter error will be corrected?

In the meantime Im using 2 filters in series…