Audio Gate/Expander

Hello all brand new to TD and very excited to create some wonderful visualizations with it, on question I have, is there a way to create an Audio Gate that would close audio based on a volume threshold?

I have a audio track that has a snare sound on it but it has a reverb trail that is causing my audio reactive geometry to have jitter after the initial attack, i would like to reduce that jitter inside TD rather than in preprocessing in an audio editor, is this doable?

Short answer - absolutely.
There are lots of ways to go about doing this, you might start by building out a simple audio analysis tool to help you get a handle on what portions of the spectrum you’re processing and to determine what you want to look for.

You might look here on the forum to get some ideas about what kind of analysis tool you want to build.:

[url]Advanced tap tempo :)]

[url]Audio Beat Follower]

If you want to dive into some initial audio analysis of your own, you can follow along with a tutorial here:


Thank You…geeez this program is deeep!! and I like it! :laughing:

All I need…spectrum osc vst

can you say more about what you’re trying to do?

More Or less create music videos from separate audio tracks