Audio/movie filein cue bug 2020.20625 win10

was helping someone on the forum and we both experienced a bug related to the cuepoint par on an audiofilein and a moviefilein.

The original post:

It only seems to be a visual bug on my build 2020.20625 but their post seems to indicate it may be completely broken on 2020.28110.

Made a quick toe file with the bug. Note that when you move slider1, moviefilein2’s cuepoint par won’t visually update in the par window until you pulse the cue button [also updates if you open and close the par window]. Strangely, when using an LFO, it will always update, see moviefilein1.

This is the only par I’ve seen act like this. Note that it’s present in both the moviefilein and audiofilein.

brokencue.1.toe (4.5 KB)

Thank you for the example, we’ll try to reproduce.