Audio Not Audible in VRChat

I am just learning TouchDesigner and I bought the Pro license with the hope that I would be able to stream directly from TouchDesigner to VRCDN instead of needing to use OBS; however, the audio is not playing from the stream when I am in VRChat. I can hear the audio when I preview from the VRCDN page or I watch the Twitch stream it is forwarding to, but it isn’t playing when I put the link into a VRChat world. If I switch and stream from OBS I can hear the audio, so the only thing I can think is there is something incompaitble with streaming from TouchDesigner with the video players in VRChat. Does anyone know the appropriate settings for the Video Stream Out panel so the audio plays in VRChat? Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi Mathy,

welcome to the community!
Is there any documentation available you could point us to what the streaming settings are for making this work? For example, and as it works in OBS, could you share the settings you have made there?