Audio playback from windows network share

I notice that when using the AudioFileIn CHOP playback is difficult at times if the files are located on a network share. The files each contain 6 channels of uncompressed 48kHz, 32 bits audio (5.1). Occasionally I will have two AudioFileIn CHOPs running simultaneously as I need to crossfade between two of these files at user defined times.

This is done over a Gigabit network with the host connected into the same switch as the client with no other intermediate hops (no additionnal switches, routers etc). The shared folder on the host (Windows 10 SMB) is mapped as a Windows drive on the client (Windows 10 as well) and the main problem I experience is when starting playback where there seems to be an initial hesitation and the first few frames get cut off before playback resumes normally without further problems. I also noticed that when I increase the playback speed, gaps will appear during playback.

Please note that this is only a dev time issue since playback will be from a local SSD in the final setup and not through a network share.

I made sure WiFi was deactivated on both ends in case the Windows share was established through the wireless adapter instead of the LAN adapter.

I tend to think this is a TD/AudioFileIn specific issue as regular file transfers seem to be working just fine but then latency isn’t really an issue when simply copying/moving files around so it may also be a network issue.

Any ideas?