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I discovered touchdesigner on my quest to find/make a tool I can use for VJ’ing in Resolume.
So I’m planning on doing a liveshow, together with a friend who makes music with a loopstation and several instruments. His set is not prepared, it’s rather improvised in the moment.
My idea is to let Resolume effect parameters adjust themselves trough an OSC-in coming from Touchdesigner.
So I would need to make a tool where I send live audio into Touchdesigner. I should let it seperate the frequencies and make it easy to live select which frequency is doing the beat.

Since I know more or less what instruments and what beats he will be using, I could use some sort of presets/buttons, where I click on ‘beat5’ for example, so touchdesigner knows immediately what frequency to send to resolume.
(I added a scheme to make it a bit more clear)

I hope I’m making sense. Anybody who can give me some tips to help me find/make the right tool?
Thanks a lot in advance!
Greets :slight_smile:

Take a look at the AudioAnalysis tox in the palette for some ideas on how to split out your frequencies. You’ll want to build some sort of UI for the buttons, radioButtons with a switch chop will sort you out.

You could also look into TDMorph, a massive touchdesigner based preset system with midi mapping functionality that could very well be a onestop shop for your UI as well

Nice flowchart!

Feel free to pull out some visualization modules from my component, Sndviz:

I’m planning on doing a significant overhaul to it in the near future which allows for frequency selections (your step #4), similar to how we select things in Photoshop… very much visually-driven.


Wow thanks a lot! that helps :slight_smile: I’ll dive right into it

Thanks a lot man!
And if you develop something like that and remember this post, let me know! :slight_smile:

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Just downloaded your sndviz.
Had no idea how complex it was.

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