Audio Render Chop limitations?

How many speakers can I handle in the audio render chop?
There’s no accounting for subs, it looks like?

Anyone done anything cool with it? I’m presuming that animating source and listener position is normal?


hey bruce,
Yes animating source and listener is the whole crux of this thing.
I don’t have something super cool, but see some explanation of the Audio Render CHOP and an example with 16 speakers I posted a a while back here:

For checking the example on your headphones switch Audio Render CHOP to binaural and add a Audio Device Out CHOP.

So - tested and useful with 16 speakers at least? Thank you - good to know.

Anyone tried with more than 16 speakers?
Any idea how ‘heavy’ it is? If I have 16 different sounds to come from 16 different places, am I asking for trouble (16 instances of the audio render chop)?