Audio Renderer CHOP not working on M1 macbook

I’m looking into audio mapping and wanted to try Audio Renderer CHOP. However, in my operator panel, it becomes gray, which I cannot use. My other friends with other types of laptops have their Audio Renderer CHOP showing in their TD.

Is this because of the version of Macbook I have or other reasons that I’m unaware of? Does anyone know how I can solve the issue?

Thank you.

What version of TouchDesigner are you using? Steam Audio SDK didn’t add support for m1 macs until recently, so in order to use the Audio Render/Binaural CHOPs on an m1 mac you’ll need to use at least the 2022.33910 version of TouchDesigner.

I was using the 2022.32660 version.
You are right! After I downloaded the latest version, 2022.35280, I can now use Audio Renderer.
Thank you so much!