Audio Visual Laser Installation

Our latest installation

Fantastic! Can you share anything about the installation? How were you doing beat detection? Any interesting TouchDesigner techniques? What kind of laser projectors were you using? It really looks awesome!

In the TouchDesigner Help Group colasf said:

Like Ben said i’m using 3 kvant clubmax lasers with some etherdream interfaces.
I’m not doing beat detection i’m getting the data from ableton live via TDAbleton.
I had to run TDAbleton in another touch instance to avoid some frame drops.
I’m using a custom C++ chop to do the laser paths optimization because what the scan chop output is really not optimized and don’t allow to draw complex shapes.
My node is working like the scan chop it take a sop and and camera as parameter, do the projection from world space to screen space to generate some 2 paths and use the algorithm described in that paper ( to optimize them.
It then output some chop channels that you can feed to the etherdream chops.

Would you mind sharing ur C++ chop. I’m trying to use to tweak the scan chop the best i can but i never managed to get such good results as yours.

I’m planning to share the custom chop but i need to find some time to fix a couple of bugs on it

that was some awesomeness :unamused: