Audiofilein CHOP cuepulse parameter skips samples


The cuepulse parameter of the audiofilein CHOP seems to skip a few samples of playback. This is very noticeable when the beginning of the file is a sharp transient.

You can compare it to the desired behavior by pulsing the “reloadpulse” parameter but obviously this is not a work-around.

I have attached a demonstrative file.

This is using windows 10, build 15840.

audiofilein1cuepulse.toe (16.3 KB)

Thanks for the excellent example Owen

I would like to kindly bump this thread. :slight_smile:

Really sorry for the delay on this. I looked into the report at the time, but unfortunately the issue got lost in our system after a stalled internal discussion on how best to fix it.

From my notes, I don’t think there are any samples being lost, but rather there is a very brief fade being applied to the audio at the start of the loop. This fade isn’t triggered by the reloadpulse which is why you’re only hearing it in the one case.

We’ve revived the discussion and are looking at the best way to fix it … two potential options are to stop triggering the fade on the cuepulse behaviour, but we’re not sure if that will adversely affect anybody else, or we can add a new parameter to disable the fade for cases like yours where the audio loops perfectly.