AudioFileOut CHOP

How about to have ability to render sound only.
For example to .wav or .aiff and may be .mp3 files.

Or may be just add option to movieFileOut top for render sound only?


As a workaround, you could save the accumulating audio in a Trail CHOP.
Then right click on the Trail CHOP, select ‘Save Channels’, and select an audio format.

Yes. But:

  1. It does not cook until it is displayed in someway
  2. It stores data in RAM and for long files (like 1 hour or even 10 min), it will not work.
    Thank you

Oh I see, quite long samples.
Thanks for clarifying.

Maybe it’s a good time to come back?)

Also checked this wiki page:

Black Art Recording - like using RecordCHOP to rec sound then save as wav…Hmm.
Its almost the same as recommend to render video to cacheTOP and export later, sorry)

I just tried to rec 8 ch 44100 for 10 minutes - 5FPS and tonnes of RAM. It could work only for short AV performances with recording stereo master output only and no remix possibilities for later.


+1, please! I struggle myself, and my students would always ask me like - “is this weird workaround the only solution?” and Im like hmmmm…yes, sorry)

in general the audio engine struggles with simple tasks, seconding the request in this thread but i think its part of a general issue with how touch handles audio rate signals that will hopefully improve at least where possible.

+1 please




+1 seems weird that TD can’t do something so simple… :frowning:

and update if/when this is going to happen Derivative?

We are working on it currently.

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is there a way to do this in python ?

FYI: the Audio File Out CHOP is in the latest experimental build, 2019.33020.


awesome! thank you so much!