Audiofileout doesn't record when not visible MacOS 2020.28110

This is present on the latest 2020.28110 Mac build but I also ran into it on my windows machine which runs 2020.20625.

If an audiofileout chop doesnt have a viewer visible, it will simply not record anything.

Created a toe file as an example. There are two base comps with an audiofileout in each of them. Hitting the record button should start recording on both, but only the one displaying the viewer actually records. If you enter the comp labeled This_Wont_Record, it will begin recording once the viewer is visible.

audiofileoutbug.6.toe (10.5 KB)

Thanks for the excellent example, we can reproduce. In the meantime to get around this issue, you can append a Null CHOP with Cook Type = Always after the Audio File Out CHOP.

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Thank you so much for that tip! I forgot null’s even have parameters.

This will be fixed in the next builds we post.

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