Audioreactive harp + kinect

Hello, I’m currently working on creating an ‘harp’ in touchdesigner + Kinect. So I made audio-reactive lines (‘strings) and connected them to Kinect chop. Hands are connected to values on the x axis, which triggers a sound. The problem is that I have no idea how and where to add z-axis of a hand to trigger specific ‘string’. Now for ex. now when my hand is on the 1st string and I want to play 4th my hand triggers also ‘strings’ 2 and 3. I tried to merge x-axis values and z-axis values but it seems to be a stupid solution. Should I search for answers somewhere in python? Cause it’s basically: if x is (value) and z is > than (value) then trigger a sound. I’m adding a project file and would love to hear any feedback. Thx
arp.4.toe (19.2 KB)