Auto-saver .tox

Nothing fancy, just some scripts in a tox that will auto-save your project every X number of minutes, with a little UI where you can define the number of minutes.

To use:

Drop the tox anywhere in your project, enter the amount of minutes you’d like between your auto-saves, and then save and re-open the project.

NOTE: Probably best to delete the auto-saver during live performances, renderings, or when you deploy the project for an installation, as you’ll probably drop a couple frames in saving.
auto_save.tox (3.7 KB)

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Great idea - thanks for sharing!

Very good, thanks for sharing, it really saved our lives.

Glad to hear! Saving saves.

Can you use it to autosave a specific .tox ?
Not only the whole project.

You could. I think all you need to add is this extra bit to the

Then every time it saves, it would save the external tox’s as well. Although those wouldn’t be incremental if my guess is correct.

this is great, thanks!
i’m assuming it saves in the regular fashion? (.1, .2, .3 etc.)
great for rolling back in case of issue!

A true life saver, thank you :smiley: