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hi everyone;

I am stuck for some time trying to create the following. if someone could help me would be great!! :slight_smile:

I am creating multiple fixtures in .txt files and import them to a dmx output. and, I would like to create an auto ui that gets all the rows and transform them into sliders to modify its parameters. is it possible?

for example, i create and import the following parled.txt:

after that, i would like to auto create an ui with 5 sliders to modify each parameter.

hope i was clear enough !!
thank you!!

what sort of UI do you mean?
As the title of your post is "auto ui constant’’, do you want sliders on a Constant CHOP?
In that case just use a DAT to CHOP and the “Snapshot Input” button on a Constant CHOP which will create sliders in the constant chop for all input channels, see attached example.base_snapshot_input_example.tox (478 Bytes)
Or do you mean custom parameters UI?
Of do you mean a UI in COMP panels which you can use Perform mode?

thank you for the answer @nettoyeur

edit: i meant a UI in COMP panels which i can use in Perform mode

i will try to explain better now. and, also there is a .toe file below that can clarify more what i mean.

i am creating a point picker that collects the values of red, green, blue and intensity from a video and sends its values to the same parameters names of the fixtures i am sending to dmx. that is working fine. but, i would like to access the other parameters of the custom fixtures and create an auto UI with all that parameters together.

the problem is that each fixture has different channels order and i cant create a general UI for that. also, in the example you sent, the constant chop doesnt change automatically with the r, g, b, intensity from the video, but stay with a fixed value.

for example, i can choose to use a par led or a skypanel, and i need to send the values of r, g, b and intensity to its similar parameters, and also have an auto UI to change other channels from its fixture.

hope you can help me!!!
thats the only point that i need to finish to start using the software.
thank you a lot!

PLAYER_LED.toe (103.0 KB)

I just recorded a tutorial on building a simple DMX-Controller with a simple UI to use in Performmode. Just takes a moment to upload…

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where will you upload the video @alphamoonbase ?
thats great news!!

In your case, instead of doing it via the RGB parameter use the selection from the image instead.

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very useful example @alphamoonbase !
thank you very much!!

i will play a little with your setup and try to adapt to my needs.
the main thing will be to collect the fixture of different equipments and insert the parameters automatically to the UI in perform mode. for the R, G, B values, certainly your example is going to be used!

as soon as I have a little more I’ll send a .toe or .tox file here.