Automagical CHOP mapper GUI

Here is something I’ve been working on for quickly and easily mapping inputs to outputs. It’s the first component I’ve made that I use in pretty much every project, and it saves me a ton of time, so I figured it was worth being the first component I cleaned up and shared.

Just plug in a CHOP with your input channels and it makes a little interface with sliders for each channel, and has a button to open a mapping table, where you can specify each channel’s output name, range and lag settings.

I think I may have to finally try my hand at making a video tutorial too in the next couple days and give a proper rundown of how it all works, and how to add extra parameters to the mappings.

Happy mapping :slight_smile:
CHOPMapperGUI.tox (17.1 KB)

very cool - thank you…

Yeah, very nice.
Thank you for sharing.